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Fake it like you matter

that's a lie we can both keep. <3

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14 February 1985
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made by me <3

21. female.
i live in illinois with my wonderful husband <3
i go to shows. i like to dance around with some of the greatest friends ever.
and be eachother pillows <3

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2 years
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Date Created:2001-02-26
Number of Posts: 145

Jordan currently lives in Illinois with her lovely husband Chad. She misses her friends and can't wait to see them again. She has a more adorable niece than you. She LOVES cheese fries more than she'll admit. Actually, She admits it. She likes to watch One tree hill, Gilmore girls and The O.C. She loves to shop and talks way more than she should.
Strengths: Friendly, Outgoing, Shy at times, Has to make her friends laugh when they're down
Weaknesses: Cheese Fries, Chad, Cigarettes, Always picking fights
Special Skills: Can make a heart with her tounge.
Weapons: Bitch slap, She's been known to bite from time to time.
Favorite Lyrics: "Fake it like you matter, that's a lie we can both keep" - Fall out Boy // Sending postcards from a plane crash

Wear me like a locket around your throat i'll weigh you down I'll watch you choke, You look so good in blue - Fall out boy // Nobody puts baby in the corner.

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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

catch 22 is love
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Chad is love
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Fall out boy is love <3

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Pete is love <3

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Patrick is love <3

also made by me <3

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